Our high performance box sash windows are based on original designs, incorporating the latest technology to delivery truly superb quality windows fit for the 21st century and beyond.

By using hermetically sealed double glazed units and a system of draught seals we are able to achieve whole window U‐values of 1.6 W/m2K. Security is much improved by using specialised glazing materials and techniques, beading all glass internally and fitting sash locks and restrictors for night ventilation. The windows have an excellent service life made possible by sourcing the very best materials and combining these in our state of the art factory to deliver extremely durable windows.

We offer a wide range of sash profiles and can match the finest details to sensitive conservation areas. We have undertaken numerous conservation projects to date with great success.

Opening options:
• Standard sliding sashes, weighted or sprung
• Super‐tilt inward tilting sashes for cleaning

Standard Sliding Sashes
Traditional weighted sliding sashes use a pulley and lead weight to counter the sash weight thus making it easier to slide up or down. Modern improvements have done away with the pulley and weight system and use a spring balance to assist in lifting the sash weight instead. This system benefits from a lighter overall window weight thus making it easier to install and less prone to damage. The system is also easier to maintain and repair.

Super‐tilt Sliding sashes
These windows operate in the same manner as standard sliding sashes under normal use,
but have the added benefit of being able to tilt both the top and bottom sash inward to enable cleaning of the outer face. This has long been one of the drawbacks of traditional windows.

Super‐tilt window in closed position

Super‐tilt window in open position

Super‐tilt window sections

Plan view through our tilt‐in window

Sectional / Side view

We are able to provide any glazing configuration to the windows and can offer any Georgian glazing bar design required utilising our integral spacer bars to stay in keeping with traditional
appearances. For more information on glass types please refer to the glass and glazing section.

12/12 Light Georgian Window

Curved head window & glazing bars

Residential home with Georgian box sash windows

Shapes and Styles
Flairlane can produce timber windows of any shape and size desired. Please contact us for more

Sash Window Hardware
We offer a range of standard hardware options to choose from for box sash window. Below are some examples and a selection of finishes available. For more information please contact us.

Range of finishes available:

Selection of ironmongery types available for box sash windows: